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- Jo North, Author -

I first came up with Shine Books through my job as a teacher. I have taught both 11-16 year olds and 16+ (mainstream and SEN), and was astounded by the lack of knowledge and understanding the students had of conditions such as autism, OCD and epilepsy (especially as there are many students in each class who live with them every day). Being a mum of 2, I want my children to grow up both understanding and embracing the fact that everyone is different. My hope is that the Shine series can help to normalise the conditions within society, and as a result children/adults affected won't feel negative about them, and will not be treated differently or ostracised in any way. I am passionate about taking away the stigma that often comes with them, and I believe that educating children from a young age in this area can have a positive impact on acceptance and understanding across society. In addition to this, I believe every child should have a character/lead in life who they can relate to, and the dream is that my books will provide that.

- Robert Hooper, Illustrator -

Robert is an incredibly talented illustrator, who helped to bring the Shine characters to life.

Check out his work at

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