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- Jo North, Author -

I first came up with Shine Books through my job as a teacher. I have taught both 11-16 year olds and 16+ (mainstream and SEN), and was astounded by the lack of knowledge and understanding the students had of conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD and Tourette's. Being a mum of 2, I want my children to grow up both understanding and embracing the fact that everyone is different. In addition to this, I believe every child should have a character/lead in life who they can relate to, and the dream is that my books will provide that. 

I love going into schools to read my books, and I have big dreams for the future of Shine Books, so watch this space!

- Robert Hooper, Illustrator -

Robert is an incredibly talented illustrator, who helped to bring the Shine characters to life.

Check out his work at

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