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Our hope is that Shine Books are enjoyed by the children and grown ups who read them. This is why feedback like the ones below mean so much to us. 

If you have any feedback (good or bad!), we would love to hear from you so we can keep improving.

"You know when you read something and it touches a deep place of goodness inside, that is what happened when I read "Alice, an autistic aardvark". Jo so softly introduces how we are all different but can all relate and participate in life. The messages are simple and encouraging throughout the book, the illustrations adorable and it feels equally perfect for autistic children as well as those who don't. 

I also love how Jo clearly outlines to start with how this is not a diagnosis but wow do we need more loving books like this to help us all be more inclusive...just beautiful. "

Sensitively written and totally engaging with the cutest illustrations that bring the characters to life; each book captured my daughter's imagination from the off and explained subjects that gave her a true insight and empathy and more importantly total acceptance and understanding - I cannot recommend each and every one enough.

"As a Dad to a daughter with Tourette's, I fully see the need for raising awareness and education in these areas. I thought the books were beautifully written, and my children loved the illustrations."

"We immediately fell in love with the characters, and found the stories both heart-warming and informative."

My son read Dylan to me - he is dyslexic and couldn't really understand how you knew so much about him! We talked about quite a few things, and it was all very cathartic. It's wonderful for him to read something that reflects the issues he faces and normalises them. We can't wait to read the rest, and the next series!

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