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Kit your whole school out with the Shine Book range!


Get an incredible bundle including 6 copies of each book in the series, at a hugely discounted rate. The School bundle includes the following: 


48 books

6 x Dylan, a Dog with Dyslexia

6 x Alice, an Autistic Aardvark

6 x Priya, a Panda with Dyspraxia

6 x Charlie, a Chimpanzee with ADHD

6 x Tariq, a Tortoise with Tourette's

6 x Ollie, an Otter with OCD

6 x Emma, an Elephant with Epilepsy

6 x Bea, a Badger with Type 1 Diabetes


Price: £250

(RRP: £359.52)


School Bundle - wholesale price

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